Saturday, 20 February 2016

Mike Green talk, Tues 8th March

Please attend if you can. This one will be brilliant 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Brian Ingrams Talk - Tuesday 8th December 2015

Make sure you attend this one people - the guy catches big pike for fun. I'm sure there will be lots to take in....

Venue is the usual Billingham Synthonia Club, TS23 1LH. Entry is £3 for members or £5 for non-members, to be paid on entry to the venue. Raffle tickets to be issued with some top prizes to be won on the night.


Monday, 28 September 2015

Chris Leibbrandt talk - Tuesday 13th October 2015

Chris Leibbrandt is our guest for the next talk on 13th October. Although he doesn't generally publicise catches (or take a camera much!), he particularly loves lure fishing (45 years experience) and often on rivers. Being the former general secretary of the Pike Anglers club and the current president of the lure anglers society, we are sure that it will be a very interesting. and informative talk!
Venue is the usual at Billingham Synthonia Club, Belasis Avenue, Billingham and doors open at 7.30, please come along and spread the word!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Angling Trust Tees Catchment North East Forum

Tees catchment North East forum - An opportunity for local anglers to make our voices heard. Please attend if possible, details below....

Angling Trust Members News 

23rd May 2015 
Angling Trust Logo 
 Tees Catchment Fisheries Forum Invitation 

You are invited to attend the:
North East Fisheries Forum
The Clocktower Lodge
South Park
Darlington, DL1 5TD
Tea & coffee served from 6.45pm, meeting begins at 7.15pm
In association with the Environment Agency
The Agenda will include:
  • Tees Barrage Update - Richard Jenkins, Environment Agency
  • Riverfly Monitoring and Hogweed Issues - Ben Lamb, Tees Rivers Trust
  • Environment Agency Work in the Catchment - Paul Frear, Environment Agency
  • Angling Trust Update - John Cheyne, Angling Trust
This meeting is free to attend and open to all. It is aimed at ALL freshwater anglers, Coarse and Game. It is a key opportunity to hear about Tees barrage fish passage developments as well as what measures are being put into place to protect fish stocks from seal predation. It also offers a great opportunity to hear about the work of  the Tees Rivers Trust and is a fantastic opportunity to tell the Angling Trust what YOU think their priorities should be.
There will be time allocated for Q&A with all speakers
It looks like being a fascinating meeting, so if you love angling and live in the North East, make sure you attend. 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

March newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter as a region, I can only promise that with practice further editions will improve in quality!

We start off with a big thank you to Denis Moules for travelling up to do our first guest speaker slot and judging by the turnout I can only say it was a resounding success! Over 35 turned up and with admissions and raffle tickets we have turned a small profit and this has got to be a super way to promote our region and hopefully attract new members without burning our fingers money wise.

We had 3 further new memberships which now stands at 7 and coupled with a few people wishing to be added to the emailing list, this is a slow but steady start. In my opinion we need to build on this as the potential membership of 20-30 is out there so we need to use the positive feedback and give people what they want, as often as is practical. We can discuss at Weds 11th Mar meeting what we think is our next step.

On a different note I’d like to thank Daz and James for their brilliant effort in giving us an online presence in the form of our blog – which with time and no small effort can be a great window for current and potential members, cheers lads!
Wednesday 11th meeting will be a chance to compare, even possibly improve your rig making skills so don’t forget to bring some rig bits and wire and prepare to have your rigs pulled to bits by others no doubt!!!! Phil has promised a little demo on how he twists his rather than crimp, which can only be a better/stronger method and less prone to fail on that lump we all wish for.

Seal Predation
A big topic that needs our attention at the 11th March meeting is our region’s strategy to combat the Seal predation above the barrage, which reports suggest are having a big impact on catches of all species with pike fishing on some stretches non existent at times. Having spoken to a few people it seems the best way forward is to have our views aired at the meeting and hopefully devise a plan of action which, with the possible help of other local clubs, associations, Angling Trust etc can start the ball rolling. This is a very emotive subject at the moment and as a new club I can see no reason why we can’t be at the front of starting something which if in any way starts people in the right places taking note,and hopefully action, can only be good for the PIKE! So have a good think, talk to other anglers and let’s see what RA 21 can do.

Thats all for now folks.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Denis Moules talk a big success

A good turnout was present as our first guest speaker, Denis moules, discussed fenland pike fishing, including pictures of some awesome captures. The place is steeped in pike fishing history with plenty of famous anglers cutting their teeth in the area. Thanks to Denis for giving us an insight into fishing in the area (and if anyone is interested, make sure you give one of his books a read!).

We are planning for more guest speakers as 2015 progresses, so keep an eye out for more info.